Stable coin decentralized

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Stable coin decentralized by Mind Map: Stable coin decentralized

1. Marketing

1.1. blog

1.2. preparation of whitepaper

1.3. SEO

1.4. Name -black

1.5. Stages - genesis, babalyon

1.6. Dominations

2. Website

2.1. amend terms of service

2.2. add explanatory on booklet

2.3. mention in disclaimer

2.4. Explanatory video

3. Sales

3.1. investor materials explain enhanced security

4. PR

4.1. Article

4.2. Blog

4.3. Interview

5. Support

5.1. Set process to record coin on deposits

5.2. Link the bank accounts

6. Development

6.1. Establish tether

6.1.1. confirm to AET that each entry recorded on dashboard is record of the stable coin to the extent it is not a secured token And matches I to I on funds deposit

6.1.2. peg to A$

6.2. agree process so issue

6.3. link it to the add funds mechanism

6.4. set database

6.4.1. Assess whether to use cockroach

6.5. Identify jurisdiction

6.5.1. Acceptable