The 'Dust-Off My-Shoes' - Power Pack

A Guide to help anyone kick up their shoes like super powers➡️ Financially Un-financial➡️ Homeless Superhero (like Batman half the time)➡️ Adventurous Forgetful ones

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The 'Dust-Off My-Shoes' - Power Pack by Mind Map: The 'Dust-Off My-Shoes' - Power Pack

1. Welcome!

1.1. (click the little bubbles)

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2.1. Support

3. Contact a Point Person

3.1. Email

3.2. Messenger

3.3. Phone

4. Time Travel

4.1. This could be the most personal letter you've ever written..

4.2. Write a Message to the future

4.3. Your inner strength and grounding is the most powerful tool you have right now. Please don't take this next task lightly. It has as much power as you make of it.

4.3.1. Please take your time with it (when done)

5. This won't take long!

6. Kick Up My Shoes

6.1. Get Cheap Phone Service

6.1.1. Google Fi is the cheapest thing out there and even gives free data. CHECK TO SEE IF YOUR DEVICE IS COMPATIBLE

6.1.2. Have WiFi? Get Google Voice If you don't need data, and have WiFi try Google Voice. Most calls and texts are FREE!

6.1.3. Google Fi

6.2. Get PayPal + Get a link

6.2.1. We're gonna need someway to transfer money to you throughout time - PayPal will deliver to you a FREE debit card that instantly recharges when money is sent to you through PayPal. PayPal account

6.3. Create a Link Portfolio

6.3.1. Because you will utilitize all social media accounts possible, please create a link portfolio so we can help build ways to connect people to you Done! Sweet!

7. Next

8. Do you have a device you can use?

8.1. No

8.1.1. Email me Please quickly email me -my name is Shaun- Tell me everything about your situation that you can type in the time you have

8.2. Yes

8.2.1. Awesome!

9. Ok, START!

10. Next

11. How much does it cost..

11.1. Nothing from us! This is free although some things we suggest do cost a little. We will support you the best we can

12. What do I need?

12.1. A way to get online! (Don't worry we'll help you with that too but for now, anywhere with wifi)

13. What is this?

13.1. This is a resource guide designed to help all of us who are down on our luck to pick up our shoes with super powers!

14. How long will this take?

14.1. This process depends on you, but it shouldn't take longer than 3 to 4 days

15. I will create a web page for anyone who needs it, the process goes like this: ) 1. A guide decides to help pick someone up ) 2. You and I help them get a card . There are no limitations so don't impose them. ID is not necessary. ) 3. We help them get a phone which is IMPORTANT in our new age to connect wihth loved ones ) 4. They bond with and get loving connection - very important for a healthy heart ) 5. I will create a landing page website for them that compassionately expresses their life and story so others can donate to them. The donation will go straight to them instantly, and they can most importantly feel people care for them - which is the foundation of being able to care for themselves. ) When all of us were born we were held. ) Fact: Human babies die within minutes of not given touch by another caring being after birth. It is our nature from the heart ) This cannot work without you. A family where all support each other - is heaven. The Alpha wolf doesn't lead the pack from the front - he is at the end of the pack watching and caring for all. ) In nature, the eldest and the youngest set the pace - no one is left behind.

16. Get Grounded

16.1. Now's a good time to utilitize for inner power. What do I mean? Let me explain ~

16.1.1. Although you have support here as a guide, and Kapuhuna to offer what we can - you may be in situations where you are on your own. And it may be tougher than most have ever experienced. Pride can be a powerful tool or a horrible enemy. You must use it right. Yup Watch