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The Big Plan by Mind Map: The Big Plan
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The Big Plan

At the supervisors meeting on 18.11.11 it was suggested that we try and create a "mind map" of what I should be doing and how it all hangs together. This is meant to be that map.

Research Plan

what is the thesis about?

Bodies of literature to be considered

what is the methodology?

My research question (arrow links to new map)

The thoughts on my research question are in a separate mind map at Mindmeister.

2011 Field trip

write up

the Project

This links to a mind map that I have been creating from the "very beginning".

What the OU is asking for

Initial skills audit and needs analysis finished in March 2012

Progress reports in March 2012 and Sept. 2012

summary of PhD skills development in March 2013

submission of my probation report in March 2013.

oral presentation in May 2013

Mini-viva in May 2013


Bibliographic management

Georgy asked if I had a Bibliography. I chose one using the criteria as described on the page in this hyperlink.

My Wiki is where it is all at.

other IT tools

Which IT tools I use and why are described here.


A time plan I am developing as I read up on what is required. A bit more formal than this list.