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The Big Plan by Mind Map: The Big Plan

1. Research Plan

1.1. what is the thesis about?

1.1.1. Narative of the contribution what is the contribution? what is the gap the research will close?

1.2. Bodies of literature to be considered

1.2.1. around 2011 field trip culture social

1.2.2. technology "similar" domains sustainable technologies Practical Action

1.2.3. Internet provision in Bavaria in the rural developing world

1.2.4. viable systems model

1.3. what is the methodology?

1.3.1. literature research

1.3.2. comparative research Bavaria & Rupununi enabling factors and barriers

1.3.3. action research networked action research Wall Street journal article participatory design designing communications

1.4. My research question (arrow links to new map)

2. 2011 Field trip

2.1. write up

2.1.1. First action research loop incl. trip to Guyana Systems diagrams?

2.1.2. Do the stakeholders want Internet? systems diagrams?

2.2. the Project

3. What the OU is asking for

3.1. Initial skills audit and needs analysis finished in March 2012

3.1.1. Can supervisors see my skills audit workbook?

3.2. Progress reports in March 2012 and Sept. 2012

3.3. summary of PhD skills development in March 2013

3.4. submission of my probation report in March 2013.

3.5. oral presentation in May 2013

3.6. Mini-viva in May 2013

4. Tools

4.1. Bibliographic management

4.1.1. Bibsonomy

4.2. My Wiki

4.2.1. Supervisor access?

4.3. other IT tools

5. Timeplan