Green New Deal (Data Map)

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Green New Deal (Data Map) by Mind Map: Green New Deal (Data Map)

1. Implementation

1.1. 2: What to implement

1.1.1. A) Funding Climate Change Resiliency Projects

1.1.2. B) Repair and upgrade all current infrastructure (i) Eliminate gge from all infrastructure (ii) Guarantee universal clean water access (iii) Reduce risks posed by climate change (iv) All infrastructure bills in Congress address climate change

1.1.3. C) 100% clean/renewable/zero-emission energy in USA

1.1.4. D) Smart Grid transmission development

1.1.5. E) Upgrade all existing buildings and any new buildings must have max efficiency standards

1.1.6. F) Encourage growth in clean manufacturing and remove all gge from existing mfg

1.1.7. G) Remove all gge from agricultural sector (i) support Family Farming (ii) invest in soil health techniques (iii) ensure a sustainable food system

1.1.8. H) Overhaul the transportation system to remove all gge Zero-emission vehicle infrastructure and mfg Clean-affordable public transit High speed rail

1.2. 4: How to implement

1.2.1. A) Public receives ownership stake and RoI on all projects funded by public moneys

1.2.2. B) Environmental and social costs must be aknowledged in all laws and new policies

1.2.3. C) Provide resources, training, and education (including higher-ed) to all people of the U.S.

1.2.4. D) Public investment in R&D of new clean & renewable energy technologies

1.2.5. E) "directing investments to spur economic development, deepen and diversify industry and business in local and regional economies, and build wealth and community ownership, while prioritizing high-quality job creation and economic, social, and environmental benefits in frontline and vulnerable communities, and deindustrialized communities, that may otherwise struggle with the transition away from greenhouse gas intensive industries;"

1.2.6. F) Ensure democratic and participatory process led by VFC for implementation of all plans

1.2.7. G) Ensuring creation of union jobs and guarantees payment of wages to workers "affected by the transition."

1.2.8. H) Guaranteeing a job with full benefits to alll people of the U.S.

1.2.9. I) Strengthen the ability to unionize "free of coercion, intimidation, and harassment"

1.2.10. J) Strengthen and enforce labor rights, workplace health and safety, and anti-discrimination policies

1.2.11. K) All trade agreements must (i) stop transfer of jobs and pollution "overseas" (ii) grow domestic manufacturing

1.2.12. L) Public lands protection, and ensure the disabuse of eminent domain

1.2.13. M) Honoring all indigenous peoples' sovereignty and lands, garnering consent before projects affect their land

1.2.14. N) Ensuring commercial environments free from unfair competition and domination from monopolies (national or international)

1.2.15. O) Provide all peoples of the United States (i) high quality healthcare (ii) affordable housing (iii) economic security (iv) clean environment (v) access to nature

2. Whereas and Stated Goals

2.1. "because the United States has historically been responsible for a disproportionate amount of greenhouse gas emissions, having emitted 20 percent of global green-house gas emissions through 2014, and has a high tech-nological capacity, the United States must take a leading role in reducing emissions through economic transformation;

2.2. Social/Jobs Programs

2.2.1. B: Create millions of good, high-wage jobs

2.2.2. C: Infrastructure Investment

2.2.3. E: promote justice and equity by stopping current, preventing future, and repairing historic oppression.

2.3. Climate Change

2.3.1. A: Net-Zero Emissions

2.3.2. D: Secure clean environment