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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. Mother: My mother has many contacts with business people and could easily get me a job.

2. Father: My father works on construction sites and could get me a job on a construction site.

3. Brother: My brother lives in Ottawa where I am going for university and also works in government. He could help me get a job in government

4. Teacher: My teacher Mr. Werry would give me a very good reference letter.

5. Uncle: My uncle lives in Toronto and runs a bowling alley. He could get me a job there when I move.

6. Christine: Christine is the HR manager at my job and could help me get a job in another hotel around the country.

7. My Counselor: Mrs. Holmes has many connections to various jobs and could definitely help me in any career path.

8. Spencer: Spencer has a math degree and is working towards being a teacher. He could help me in my path to do a math major.

9. Matt: Matt is my boss at work and could give me a recommendation for another job as well as help me work up in the organization.