IDD Project Design and Publishing

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IDD Project Design and Publishing by Mind Map: IDD Project Design and Publishing

1. Accelerated Quality Ed for Liberian Children

2. Democratic Republic of Congo

2.1. USAID Branding

2.2. Covers for Participant (1) and Trainer guides (2)

3. Let's Read : Zambia

3.1. PowerPoint Template

3.2. Let's Read Zambia factsheet

3.3. Let's Read Zambia project profile

4. Educate a Child

4.1. semi-annual reports

4.1.1. Formatting

4.2. Success story editing, English

5. APTE Senegal

5.1. What is the project story?

5.2. We need more coherent pieces - see what is going on with the project

5.3. Infographics, HDAK, MyDev,

5.4. How she can get some stories from the partners

5.5. Some kind of PDF report that be easily emailed

5.6. Layout needed for these Attachments.

6. General WRN

6.1. word formatting needs.

6.1.1. Add styles

6.1.2. Clean up template

7. Djibouti WRN

7.1. Cover design


8.1. Christmas card

8.2. Report formatting