Stages of reading development

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Stages of reading development by Mind Map: Stages of reading development

1. Media: Personal screencasting introduction from me

1.1. Welcome statement

1.2. Definition of the topic and subtopic

1.3. Retrieve information from early childhood development textbook

2. Introduce the reading development of print-governed books

2.1. Explain what this means

2.2. Explain stage 1

2.2.1. Print watched/refusal to read and aspectual stage Children point & study the print. They study on either phonics or vocabulary

2.3. Explain stage 2

2.3.1. Print watched/holistic stage Children study reading strategies and construct a stories meaning

2.4. Explain stage 3

2.4.1. Independent reading stage Children are able to read independently using reading strategies

3. Introduce the reading development of picture governed books

3.1. Explain what this means

3.2. Explain stage 1

3.2.1. Story not formed stage Children point and make observations of pictures

3.3. Explain stage 2

3.3.1. Story formed stage Children are able to tell a story about the pictures

3.4. Explain stage 3

3.4.1. Written language-like stage Children read a book by heart/memory

4. Introduce a fictional chacater: steve a kindergarter learning how to read

4.1. Introduce strategy 1

4.1.1. Print governed books

4.2. Introduce strategy 2

4.2.1. Picture governed books

5. The video will be created by using Powtoon

5.1. Educative theme (classroom setting)

5.2. Low tone of music

5.2.1. Formal

5.3. 30 second introduction of the topic and resources used

6. References

6.1. Trawick-Smith, J.W. (2018). Early childhood development: A multicultural perspective (7th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson Education