A concept map created by Baputaki Kent as an assignment in our edutech model. The aim of the map is to evaluate and criticize decisions made by leaders in our College.

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1. Limiting access

1.1. No taxis allowed inside the school

1.1.1. This decision was made when developments were being made to internet services. It has been challenging to revert back to the inconvenient way of reaching the end of the school. Staff members living within the College, who do not enjoy the luxury of owning a car, also struggle to move in and out of the college with their families and goods.

1.2. Use of the multi-purpose hall

1.2.1. It seems as though the hall is used for official staff member meetings and presentations only. We have had an event or two held there but access to the use of the multi-purpose hall to host other creative and constructive events is very limited.

2. Lecture rooms

2.1. No use of cellphones

2.1.1. On the bright side, learners are less distracted by the likes of social media during lectures and they can take a more active role in the learning process. On the downside, using smartphones to search a topic we are covering in a lecture is a great idea given what a wealth of information the internet is.

2.2. Dismissal For poor punctuality

2.2.1. Some leaders in the College insist on heavily reprimanding poor punctuality by means of keeping late-comers out of their lectures. This of course can be seen from a constructive perspective, as positive reinforcement for punctuality. Then again the purpose of all students in the College is to attend all lessons and we should be able to do that no matter what time we get to them. This way we will not miss out, get left behind and struggle to catch up.

3. Meals

3.1. Maintaining relations with an unreliable supplier

3.1.1. The College has been loyal to a supplier that has been struggling to keep up with the demands of the College. This is evident in the inconsistency of our meals and late deliveries at the beginning of the semester. This decisons

3.2. Use of coupons for meal collection

3.2.1. The College decided to employ the use of coupons and it has had it's ups and downs. One of the ups is that the coupons are a convenient currency but a down is that a student that misplaces or lost a coupon book has lost a whole semester worth of food.

4. Designating 2 weeks to submit assignments

4.1. Congestion of assignments issued

4.1.1. Most lecturers do not issue assignments as early as possible, it seems as if they wait until all departments are ready to issue assignments then do so simultaneously. This makes completion of these assignments unnecessarily difficult.

4.2. There is enough time to complete only a few assignments out of the lot

4.2.1. The two weeks every assignment is designated is now divided between or spread across many assignments, averaging to only a few days for each assignment.