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1. informative. This type of text provides important and relevant information to the reader, it gives data and extra details of something or a situation for the reader to know more about a product, and article, or about other topics; it explains the characteristics of something and gives approximate or real schemes to figure out an idea. KEY WORDS; Thus, clearly, exact, evenmore, plenty, situations.

2. persuasive.This type of text is different from the others because it is written to elicit the reader´s attention or interests in something specific, ant thus couses motivation and performing ways towards a purpose which is usually related to acquiring or selling products & services. KEY WORDS: accesible, flexible, interesting, relevant

3. Descriptive. The descriptive text is the one that creates an idea with the fact that it relates actions and happenings in such a way that in detail, it generates a series of steps in which something was done and organized.It is useful for situations in which the reader must choose among some options, the best for a specific purpose. KEY WORDS; Here there is a guide to use; if you follow these steps you are able to identify; the following are the steps in which...

4. instructive: It gives an overview of the content but specifies with detail the steps towards achieving a goal, or developing a system or process.KEY WORDS; First, second, later, consequently,etc.

5. Conclusions,it is important to know the type of text I am Reading because according to what I have previously read in this week, the different types of textsexpress the information which is directed to different sceneries, purposes and people, and therefore, it will provide the reader with the exact or nearly requiered information.