Gun Control

Mind Map on Gun Control

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Gun Control by Mind Map: Gun Control

1. Concepts

1.1. Personal Safety

1.1.1. Protection of others

1.2. Technology

1.3. Legislation

1.4. Firearms

1.4.1. Cool factor

1.4.2. Functionality

1.5. Crime

1.5.1. Gangs

1.5.2. Street crime

1.5.3. Gun violence

1.5.4. Shootings

1.6. Victims

1.7. Gun activists

2. Points of View

2.1. Gun activists

2.1.1. Armed citizens stop an authoritarian government Armed insurrections against despots?

2.1.2. Any citizen should have a gun

2.1.3. People need to defend themselves from criminals Can also defend others from criminals

2.1.4. Guns are a "God given right" Did God really say that?

2.2. Pro-Gun control

2.2.1. Guns should not be available unless you are part of the Armed Forces or Police

2.2.2. Great availability of guns the main culprit in the out-of-control spiral of gun violence

3. Questions at issue

3.1. Is it justifiable?

3.1.1. Moral reasons Killing is wrong and should be stopped

3.1.2. Religious reasons Some insist it is a God given right

3.1.3. Safety Reasons Accidents can happen In a fit of rage people can use guns to hurt others Minors may gain access to them Used to protect self and others

3.2. Who gets to own one?

3.2.1. Emergency Services

3.2.2. Hunters

3.2.3. Military

3.2.4. Specialized private security

3.2.5. Private citizens Convicted criminals? Mentally unstable people? Minors? Regular people

4. Purpose

4.1. Gun violence is out of control. Aims to diminish gun violence

4.1.1. Eliminate gang violence

4.1.2. Stop school shootings

4.2. By reducing the amount of available guns the purpose is to have less gun crime

4.3. Avoiding fatal accidents where guns where mishandled and produced injury or death

4.4. Promote responsible hunting

4.4.1. Ensure that hunters are using authorized type and ammunition

5. Information

5.1. Gun usage statistics

5.2. Murder by gun rates

5.3. Hunting charts

5.4. Ownership statistics

5.4.1. Amount of guns

5.4.2. Types of guns

5.4.3. Types of amunition

5.4.4. Purpose of ownership

5.5. Illegal / Banned guns

5.5.1. Modifications made to legal guns

5.5.2. Who, where and why selling illegal guns

5.6. Laws / Legislation

5.6.1. Where are carry permits needed

5.6.2. What is allowed

5.7. Gun safety training

5.7.1. Private

5.7.2. Provided by local or federal government

5.8. Diagrams of guns

5.8.1. Shape

5.8.2. Purpose

5.8.3. Functionality

6. Inferences/Conclusions

6.1. Countries that enforce it experience less gun violence

6.2. It may not stop criminals but will reduce the amount of guns available to commit crimes

6.3. Gun control is a positive step but other factors affect gun violence

6.3.1. What is the role of culture? England: when gun control was enacted street crime doubled rapidly Norway: gun ownership is wide but gun violence is rare

6.4. A tighter registry of guns will make it easier for law enforcement to track guns involved in crime

7. Assumptions

7.1. Guns are highly dangerous

7.2. The more guns available, the easier for criminals to get one

7.3. Criminals will not attack if they know the person or household has a gun

7.4. Private-party gun sales increases availability of guns for criminals

8. Implications/Consequences

8.1. Difficult to enforce

8.1.1. Needs participation from different political sectors that may not agree Commitment between different sectors of society to make it work

8.2. Increased costs

8.2.1. More psychological test

8.2.2. More background checks

8.3. Law enforcement will need to increase to number of people dedicated to the task

8.3.1. Severe penalties to those that break the law

8.4. Stricter laws and regulations that need to be approved by the government

8.5. Once gun control enacted, authorities must closely monitor its effect on gun crime

8.6. Stricter control on hunting

9. Context

9.1. Gun violence has grown out of control within the past decade. More and more victims from all walks of life are claimed in senseless acts of violence. Protests and marches happen but nothing changes. Sensible legislation is constantly defeated by politicians with strong ties to the gun lobby. Gun companies and gun organizations have access to large amounts of cash which allows them to remain a part of the debate and buy the support of greedy politicians.