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Clouds by Mind Map: Clouds
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Vertical Growth Clouds

-A group of clouds that has more then one appeance

-The height of these clouds are 12,000 meter

- There is no certian way that this group of clouds can form due to the fact they are all different.

Stratus Clouds

-The height of these clouds are up to 6,500 feet

-Stratus Clouds are uniform grayish clouds that often cover the entire sky

-Formed when very weak, upward vertical air current thin layer of air high enough to start the water vapor

Alto Clouds

-The height of these clouds can be between 6,500 feet-18,000 feet

-Alto Clouds are usually white and predict fair to pleasant weather.

Composed of ice and are thin, wispy clouds blown in high winds into long streamers

High-Level Clouds

Cirrus Clouds

Cirrostratus Clouds

Mid-Level Clouds

Altocumulus Clouds

Altostratus Clouds

Altostratus Clouds

Low-Level Clouds

New node

Low-Level Clouds

Nimbostratus Clouds

Stratocumulus Clouds