Community Referrals

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Community Referrals by Mind Map: Community Referrals

1. Community Rehab Programs

1.1. Groups

1.1.1. Hip and Knee Group

1.1.2. Reconditioning Group

1.1.3. Neuro Circuit Group

1.1.4. Hydrotherapy

1.1.5. Steady Feet

1.1.6. ACL Group

1.1.7. Upper Limb group

1.1.8. Phase 3 Cardiac/Pulmonary

1.2. Programs

1.2.1. Cardiac Rehab

1.2.2. Pulmonary Rehab

1.2.3. Chronic Heart Failure

2. Community Health Programs

2.1. CHS: Greater Dandenong

2.1.1. Individual Services Physiotherapy Exercises Physiology Social Work Dietetics Speech Pathology Occupational Therapy Community Health Nurse Diabetes Nurse Educator Podiatry Diversional Therapy

2.1.2. Groups GDCHS: Gym Class Heroes GDCHS: Sensational Strivers GDCHS: Stepping Out (Hip and Knee Group) GDCHS: EP Community Gym Group GDCHS: Weigh to Go GDCHS: Back to Fitness GDCHS: Persistent Pain Group GDCHS: Steady Feet Other

2.2. CHS: Monash Link

2.2.1. Individual services Exercise physiologist Nutrition and dietetics Physiotherapy Podiatry GP Services Audiologist Dentistry

2.2.2. Groups Chair-Based Exercise Dynami Greek Exercise Hydrotherapy Prescribed Exercise Program Tai Chi Move and Chat

2.2.3. Support Groups Parkinson's Support Group Diabetes Support Group

2.3. CHS: Cardinia Casey

2.3.1. Individual Physiotherapy Exercise Physiology Community Heath Nursing Speech Pathology Dietetics Occupational Therapy Social Work Podiatry

2.3.2. Groups On Target Group Community Transition Program Hydrotherapy Group Exercise Program Conversation Group Social Support Group Carer Support Group

2.4. CHS: Central Bayside

2.4.1. Individual Counselling & Psychology Dietetics Physiotherapy Occupational Therapy Hand Therapy Geriatrician Podiatry Adult Speech Therapy Other Services

2.4.2. Groups Aquatic Physiotherapy Program Strength Training Program Gentle Exercise Groups Pilates Tai Chi Better Balance Group

2.5. Uniting Age Well

2.5.1. Individual services Physiotherapy Occupational Therapy Podiatry Massage Exercise physiology

2.5.2. Groups Falls and Balance group Maintenance group Neurological group Pilates Pulmonary rehab Parkinson's Group Strength training/supervised gym program Strength and balance group combined Tai Chi

3. Relevant Specialty Clinics and other services

3.1. Kingston Falls and Balance Clinic

3.2. Pain Management Program (Pain Clinic)

3.3. Clinical Gait Analysis Service

3.4. MS Clinic

3.5. Movement Disorders Clinic

3.6. Spasticity Management

3.6.1. Monash Neurology Dysport Clinic

3.6.2. The Kingston Centre

3.7. Orthotists

3.7.1. Head to Foot

3.7.2. OAPL

4. Community Transport Programs

4.1. South East Volunteers

4.2. City of Casey Volunteer Transport