Jacob carvers mindmeister map for bio 160

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Biology by Mind Map: Biology

1. They can survive in extreme situations. They don’t live that long.

2. Cell division

2.1. Telomeres

2.2. Apoptosis.

2.3. Mitosis and meiosis. One is for growth, repair, the other is for reproduction

3. Scientific thinking bias and belief

4. Evolution

4.1. Charles darwin

4.2. Finches

4.3. Adaptations

4.4. Animals

4.4.1. Phlyums,order,class,family,genus,species

5. Climate change and chemistry

5.1. Climate change makes the climates more extreme across the world and has the potential to wipe out the majority of vulnerable life on earth

6. Water and nutrition

6.1. Water is essential to life on earth.

6.2. Nutrition includes many things for both people and animals. This includes micro and macro nutrients as well as the structure of diets and what we can eat in the first place.

7. .

8. Photosynthesis and plants

8.1. Plants use photosynthesis to get energy that they then make useful by converting it to glucose

8.2. They release stuff to make water stick together. This makes more rain faster, which helps the plant

8.3. Plants grow slow

9. Cellular respiration

9.1. Cells intake oxygen and release co2

10. Cellular division and cancer

10.1. Apoptosis

10.2. Carcinogen

10.3. Lymph system

10.4. Blood

10.5. Tumor

10.5.1. Benign,malignant, metastasized

11. Genetics

11.1. Genetics determine most of the things that make you you.

11.2. Genes can be combined to make trillions of combinations, making each person truly unique, even if the difference is imperceptible to the human eye

12. Water bears

12.1. They will basically hibernate if they can’t get access to water.