Government issues

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Government issues by Mind Map: Government issues

1. Grand Theft Auto🚐🚓🚘🚗 Grand Theft Auto is stealing cars if the car is worth more than $5000 (which most likely it will be) in Canada you do not get fined but you have to serve 10 years in prison. The most expensive car in the world is a bugati that is a whopping 24.5 million dollars. And the cheapest car on the market right now is $14k nissan. So any car you steal you will serve 10 years in prison. If you were to steal a racecar that is $200k

1.1. Do you get sued? if you do how much

1.1.1. No sue but 10 years in prison if the car is more than $5000

1.2. What government is responsible for this?

1.2.1. Municipal

1.3. What can I do to help this?

1.3.1. Put up posters

1.4. What is grand theft auto?

1.4.1. Stealing cars

1.5. Where does it happen the most? Downtown, Leaside, or other Neighbourhoods

1.5.1. other neighborhoods

1.6. Are they stolen from people or are they stealing cars from dealerships?

1.6.1. majority of cars stolen are stolen from people Car Owners

1.7. Why do people steal cars

1.7.1. to sell pieces of the cars

1.8. How do they get in the cars?

1.8.1. use crowbars and break the window

1.9. How can we reduce GTA?

1.9.1. Finger Id on the steering wheel if the car is stolen from someone. If it's stolen from a dealership maybe they can put tags on cars and if they leave the dealership without getting employees to take the tag off an alarm will sound.

2. Climate Change

3. Poverty

4. Disabilities

5. homelessness