NEA- Creating A Healthy Lifestyle

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NEA- Creating A Healthy Lifestyle by Mind Map: NEA- Creating A Healthy Lifestyle

1. Air Quality

1.1. Air Purifier

1.1.1. Air purifier that includes a filter to capture harmful microbes in the air. It can benefit peoples air quality, especially those ho live in very polluted areas It can also get rid of certain smells such as the odors from cooking or the bad smell that's lingering in the air, etc. There can be a possibility it doesn't get rid of the odor in the air. It requires a fan that has to blow continuously, which can make the room cold.

1.2. Air Diffuser

1.2.1. Air Diffusers include a fragrance the client would use to mask and eliminate the odors in the air. You can have your own fragrance and wont be limited to just a certain type. Can be set to spray in regular intervals. The room if hot will still feel hot, there isn't a way to cool down from the diffuser. The fragrance may diffuse in the air but may not help mask any bad odors in the air.

2. Sedentairy

2.1. Sports Alarm

2.1.1. A micro bit would be used to create certain plans and custom workout plans for the client to make. Encourages the user to get into fitness more and work their way to a healthier lifestyle. It can be costly for the client and me as well.

2.2. Massage Pillow

2.2.1. The pillow will have some motors that would vibrate the whole unit essentially giving the client a massage. It can help with posture and help with aches around the back. Depending on the pillow I use there can be a lot that can actually go wrong in the product. It may become uncomfortable for the client to use. Overtime the pillow may get really uncomfortable for the client.

3. Hygiene

3.1. Tooth Brush

3.1.1. An electric toothbrush similar to the electric version but should be cheaper than the average toothbrush. It can help with dental hygiene. It can provide with the same level of power that a high end brush cost however for the fraction of the price. Materials can prove difficult to get. I probably won't make the head. That may be made by a different company.

4. Diet

4.1. Food Cointainers

4.1.1. Pantry Intricate wood work is required, which can make everything really good and appealing to the customer. Intricate wood work can pose difficult to make and

4.1.2. Diet Plan Container Help the client be more organized and thoughtful when they cook.

5. Mental Health

5.1. Relaxation Alarms

5.1.1. An alarm that tells you to relax and have some down time. It can be very helpful and useful, overtime this would help the client be more tranquil and calm. It may not help the client and may just end up as a conventional alarm.