PENT Quiz Questions

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PENT Quiz Questions by Mind Map: PENT Quiz Questions

1. What is Screencastify?

1.1. How do you record on Screencastify?

1.2. How do you record your browser screen?

1.3. How

1.4. How do you pause Screencastify?

2. Glen

2.1. What is a system tray?

2.1.1. Where you wash dishes

2.1.2. Were other icons are available

2.1.3. AT the bottom of the screen where other applications are toggled

2.1.4. No such thing.

2.2. This is an image of

2.2.1. A computer melt down

2.2.2. A black hole

2.2.3. A social media application

2.2.4. A Google application

3. Lily

3.1. What does ICT stand for?

3.1.1. Information and Communication Technology

3.1.2. Information and communication telecoms

3.1.3. Inform and communicate Technology

4. Janelle

4.1. What is UCaPP?

4.1.1. Ubiquitously Connect and Pervasively

4.1.2. Uber City and Park

4.1.3. UC Application

4.1.4. Unit Curriculum and Personal

5. Stacy

5.1. Social constructivism is?

5.1.1. the idea that we learn best through dance?

5.1.2. the idea that we create artifacts of our learning?

5.1.3. when we construct a social learning environment?

6. Sheena

6.1. What is Delayms?

6.1.1. It is the amount of seconds per slide in google slides 20,000 = 20 seconds

6.1.2. It is the amount of minutes per slide in google slides 3000 = 3 minutes

6.1.3. It is the amount of hours per slide in google slides 1000 = 1 hour

7. Albertine

7.1. What is Podcast?

7.1.1. It is something you can order

7.1.2. Is it on your computer when you buy one

7.1.3. It is a digital audio file, that you get from the Internet for downloading.

7.1.4. Is it something you find on the desktop

8. Myrna

8.1. What is cognitive learning?

8.1.1. Is a type of learning that is active, constructive, and long-lasting.

8.1.2. It engages students in the learning processes

8.1.3. teaching the students to use their brains more effectively to make connections when learning new things.

9. Edith

10. Liz

10.1. Geoguesser is...?

10.1.1. A map of Canada.

10.1.2. A point on Google Maps.

10.1.3. A game where you have to guess where a given image takes place by placing a point on the world map.

10.1.4. A game where you have to describe the landscape of a given point on the map.

11. Amber