Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)

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Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) by Mind Map: Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)

1. SBS becomes evident when occupants of a home or building experience health problems which have an unknown cause. SBS usually occurs when much time is spent in a home or building. In many cases the actual cause of the problem cannot be identified.

1.1. illness in some people after they exposed to as yet undefined chemical biological or physical agents that are thought to be found in building.

2. Syndrome

2.1. headache

2.2. nausea

2.3. diarrhea

2.4. cough

2.5. bloating

2.6. gas

3. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

3.1. PVC cement and primer ,various adhesives,contact cement ,model cement

3.1.1. tetrahydrofuran ,cyclohexane

3.2. Dry cleaned clothes ,spot removers ,fabric /leather cleaners

3.2.1. tetrachloroethene

3.3. Nail polish ,nail polish remover

3.3.1. acetone,ethyl alcohol

4. source VOC in Shah Alam

4.1. 1. On road vehicle

4.2. 2.Industrial process

4.3. 3. Solvent use

5. Remedial action to reduce SBS

5.1. Taking regular breaks outside of the building by eating lunch outdoor

5.2. Increased insulation, building wraps, weatherstripping doors, and using insulated double- and triple-pane windows, among others

5.3. Using caution with any indoor chemicals exp : bleach ,insecticides

6. Effect of VOC to health

6.1. throat irritation

6.2. headaches

6.3. damages to the liver,kidney central nervous system