How to Reach Legend Rank in Mobile Legends.


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How to Reach Legend Rank in Mobile Legends. by Mind Map: How to Reach Legend Rank in Mobile Legends.

1. Never Over Estimate Yourself

1.1. Don't be so Confident. Even if you dominate in the Lower Ranks. The enemies in Higher Tier is much stronger than they are.

1.2. Learn to adjust. Even if you are using a specific role of a Hero, if your teammate has higher winrate than yours learn how to adjust.

1.3. Dont't be so arrogant, the things you are doing in lowers ranks aren't working in higher ranks anymore.

2. Buy Over Powered (OP) Heroes

2.1. Buy heroes that is too much powerful in the game. Because it will help you to reach Higher Ranks.

2.2. Don't stuck yourself playing Heroes that you're using always. Learn how to adjust.

3. Learn from Pro Players & Streamers

3.1. Watch how Pro Players play. You can learn from their gameplay on how to Play Properly.

3.2. Watch also the Teammates of the that Player that you are watching. it's for you to learn what to do in that kind of situation.

3.3. Learn the Pro Players Rotation to win. :)

4. Practice before Continuing Ranking

4.1. Classic games are there for a purpose. They're there for you to practice.

4.2. Continue ranking once you can play new heroes in Classic Games properly.