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1. Kendall woke up early in the morning because was her first day of classes in her new city, she ate breakfast and she went to school walking.

2. In the first week nobody talked to her and she was really sad because she wanted to make new friends, but in the second week she dared to ask Candice for the dance lessons and Candice was really friendly, everything was perfect because Candice was a new student too.

3. A month later they had the best popular team, Kendall met Stefan and she was really interested in him because he was really kind and nice, they had 4 dates and Stefan ask to Kendall for be his girlfriend.

4. They had too many problems with her dad because he was really strict with Kendall, Stefan invited her to the movies, and she just had one option, she needed to run away, but unfortunately her dad realized about it and put a punishment.

5. Kendall felt so bad, but at the same time was annoying with her dad because him was just her boyfriend.

6. They were planning a trip to Coachella music festival but for the punishment Kendall decided to stayed in Candice’s house because she couldn’t lose the festival.

7. Was Saturday morning and all the popular team was ready to go, when they arrived, they were so happy for the music, the incredible costumes of the crowd and specially for the party because they loved dance.

8. The time of come back home arrived and they were so drunk, Stefan decided to drive, everything was absolutely amazing but in the middle of the road Stefan lost the control and they fell into a lake, the ambulance arrived really late and unfortunately Candice death.

9. The day of the prom came and everybody in the school did a tribute for the Candice’s death, from that day Kendall never again drink alcohol, fortunately Kendall could continue with her life, she went to the university to study French and Stefan to study medicine.