Population Health, Epidemiology, and Statistical Principles.

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Population Health, Epidemiology, and Statistical Principles. by Mind Map: Population Health, Epidemiology, and Statistical Principles.

1. MSN Essential IV:

1.1. Advocates for positive health outcomes through compassionate, evidence-based, collaborative advanced nursing practice. (Extraordinary Nursing)

1.1.1. In Discussion 1: Advocate for my community by reducing racial biases in healthcare and host free healthcare fairs.

1.1.2. Week 7: researched articles of global health epidemics.

2. National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Competencies #4: Practice Inquiry Competencies

2.1. Provides leadership in the translation of new knowledge into practice.

2.1.1. Week 5: Infectious Disease Paper where I choose the chronic disease meningitis to discuss the epidemiological triad.

2.1.2. Identify the role of the FNP in managing infectious diseases.

2.2. Generates knowledge from clinical practice to improve practice and patient outcomes.

2.2.1. Healthy People 2020 Impact Paper discussed the falls of the adult community and created a population focused intervention that included activities and implementation strategies.

2.2.2. Week 6: Paper on Evaluation of an Epidemiological Disease or Problem. I discussed how Bipolar disease and the surveillance methods of the disease.

2.3. Applies clinical investigative skills to improve health outcomes.

2.3.1. Week 4 reading: Applying Evidence at the Population Level and Evaluation of Practice at the Population Level.

2.4. Leads practice inquiry, individually or in partnership with others.

2.4.1. All discussions written during this class.

2.4.2. Week 8: Analyze a Health Policy

2.5. Disseminates evidence from inquiry to diverse audiences using multiple modalities.

2.5.1. In Discussion 2: Researched a screening tool for osteoporosis, its predictive ability and validity

2.6. Analyzes clinical guidelines for individualized application into practice

2.6.1. Discussion 3: Analyze research articles related to population health

3. MSN Program Outcome #2:

3.1. Create a caring environment for achieving quality health outcomes (Care-Focused).

3.1.1. Identifying heart disease, asthma and drug addiction health concerns in my community.

3.1.2. Week 6; Developed 3 evidence based actions to prevent meningitis as a future nurse practitioner.