How to teach english with technology

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How to teach english with technology by Mind Map: How to teach english with technology

1. Blog

1.1. Web page with journal entries (diary)

1.1.1. Blogs in language teaching kept by one person post comments thoughts analyses daily experiences text pictures allow readers to comment online community common topic, interest or person EDUBLOGS teachers learners/students class Advantages "real-world" tool international exchange

2. Wiki

2.1. Collaborative web space

2.1.1. can be edited by any user Wikis in language teaching public website one person multiple authors collaborative writing

3. podcast

3.1. audio or file

3.1.1. to a pc or mobile devices Podcasts in language teaching mp3 video file listen to or watch a podcast whenever you want two main uses self-study purposes conclussion of the class information to search for info to study individually

4. in common:

4.1. used by teachers and learners

4.2. connect learners to other communities

4.3. create ideas and content

4.4. motivating for students