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Middy Rumors by Mind Map: Middy Rumors

1. she's crazy as a loon in June

1.1. What drove her mad was the same thing that got the Grinning Revenger.

1.2. she saw something in the Museum of Mistakes

1.3. she /took/ something from the Museum of Mistakes

2. she's been honey-dreaming with the Italian Epicene

2.1. and she kissed the Anxious Detective!

3. she's a Clay /Woman/

3.1. the scars are where her human-skin fits imperfectly

3.2. alternately, she's a Snuffer

3.3. She's in cahoots with that other Clay fellow, Paulson, or whatever.

4. she doesn't keep pets -- she forms some sort of interspecies pack with them

4.1. you say 'interspecies,' but I heard she was a shape-shifter

4.2. they communicate with pure thought

4.2.1. no, they all talk, all of them