Responsibilities of The Executive Branch

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Responsibilities of The Executive Branch by Mind Map: Responsibilities of The Executive Branch

1. being able to veto, or pass a law

1.1. "If a bill has passed in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate and has been approved by the President, or if a presidential veto has been overridden, the bill becomes a law and is executed by the government."

2. carry out or administrate alws

2.1. "The Chief of state refers to the President as the head of the government. They supervise the daily operations of an organization and is ultimately responsible for its performance." -Pearson

3. appoint federal jobs

3.1. "The President has the power to appoint federal judges, ambassadors, and other "principal officers” of the United States"

4. negotiate foreign treaties with other countries

4.1. The president negotiates agreements between the united states and other countries so there can be peace.

5. appoint federal judges and grant pardons or forgiveness of a crime