Bambi Moid

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B A M B I P R I N T S by Mind Map: B A M B I    P R I N T S

1. K A T E G O R D O N

1.1. Kate started her career at Sotheby's, and still has connections with the company. Could we leverage these connections to include some of the prints in an auction?

1.2. Kate is co-founder of the Association of Women in the Arts. The AWITA community includes gallerists, collectors, auction house representatives, art journalists, museum and public sector professionals, art fair directors, academics and dealers- all of which have one common passion: Art. These connections could be used to explore different avenues we could take to sell the prints on.

1.2.1. AWITA's Institutional Partners include: The Fine Art Group, Hauser & Wirth, A.N, Phillips and Sutton creative agency. Phillips auction house would offer CRUK an ideal platform to sell the Bambi Prints. The high-profile auction house is based in Berkeley Square, London. Hauser and Wirth is an art venue which showcases both established and emerging artists, as well as modern art from around the world. Could CRUK exhibit one of the prints here? Could we sell the prints in their shop? The Fine Art Group are an independent, global team of art advisers and finance experts. Although we may not be able to leverage their contacts as a result of GDPR, would it be possible to get advice from them on the most effective ways of selling these prints in-kind? A-N is the largest artists' membership organisation in the UK with over 23,000 members. The organisation's mission is to stimulate and support contemporary visual arts practice and affirm the value of artists in society. The platform sells art to a-n's expansive community online- Could we put the prints on here to sell?

1.3. Personal connections: Does Kate have any friends/colleagues/ family who would be interested in donating the prints?

2. H I G H V A L U E E V E N T S

2.1. Could we capitalise on our expansive portfolio of High Value Events to sell the prints?

2.2. General Auction: Could the prints be included in the silent auction of some of our upcoming high value events?

2.2.1. Art for Life Silent auction

2.2.2. Emeralds and Ivy silent auction

2.2.3. Lady Garden Gala auction

3. C R U K T R A D I N G

3.1. Could we try and sell the prints on the Ebay shop? Although this may not seem high value, we could put a reservation price on the prints to ensure they are sold for the minimum asking price.

3.2. CRUK Marleybone shop: This is CRUK's flagship high-value shop. Could we sell some of the prints here?

4. A U C T I O N H O U S E S

4.1. Sotheby's : We have a pre-existing relationship with Sotheby's- specifically Sotheby's contemporary. Would it be possible to reach out to our networks to see if they will include them in upcoming auctions?

4.2. Phillips: Kate has a potential connection to Phillips auction house through AWITA. Could we use her to put the prints in upcoming auctions?

5. P O T E N T I A L A R T E V E N T

5.1. Could we save the prints for a potential 19/20 or 20/21 art event?

5.1.1. What time frame have Joseph Fine Art given to sell the prints?

5.1.2. Could we sell them on the online platform, Paddle8?

6. P & C C O N T A C T S

6.1. Could we ask P&C to reach out to their contacts to sell the prints?

6.2. Out major donors, the Quok family, own the Mandarin Oriental Hotels and are avid art collectors. Would they be interested in buying the Bambi prints for some of their hotels?

7. C P C O N T A C T S

7.1. Edwardian Hotels: Would they be interested in purchasing some of the prints for their hotels