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Mo's Mind Map by Mind Map: Mo's Mind Map

1. Contemporary Topics in Education Psychology

1.1. Creativity

1.1.1. Do School kill Creativity (Ken Robinson)

1.1.2. Killing Creativity (Sam McNerney)

1.2. Happiness

1.2.1. Stumbling of Happiness (Dan Gilbert)

1.2.2. Happiness & Hurrying (Elkind)

1.3. Competitiveness

1.3.1. Competitions in Classrooms (Covington)

1.3.2. Winning/Not Winning (John Wooden)

1.4. Hope

1.4.1. The Optimism Bias (Tali Shabot)

1.4.2. Understanding Mirror Neurons (Vilayanur Ramachandran)

1.5. Motivation

1.5.1. Gaming can make a better world (Jane McGonagal)

1.5.2. Motivation & Incentives in Education (Dan Pink)