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1. Albedo effect

1.1. snow and ice have huge albedo and are the things that mostly reflect sun rays

1.1.1. lots of snow and ice is melting leaving dark landskaps earths surface heats up and melts more ice and snow earth heating up means habitats and hunting grounds will be destroyed

1.2. dark landscapes absorb most to all sun rays

2. biodiversity

2.1. the tiniest extinction of one animal can disrupt the whole animal web

2.1.1. if seals go extinct the polar bear will not have anything to hunt or eat that would result in the death of polar bears

2.2. with climate getting hotter most animals will die due to habitats burning down

2.2.1. habitat loss can mean the death of hundreds of animals

3. extinction

3.1. with climate changing most species will die

3.1.1. when it gets hotter habitats can burn down or melt

3.1.2. when it gets colder species that can only live in warm places will die because it is to cold

4. invasive species

4.1. invasive species take over land and kill other species

4.1.1. species that could not live in cold climates can live there now those species will drive others out of their habitats. diseases that other species carry will be transported to other species in that country species in that place will not have the right immune system to fight those diseases

5. over-harvesting

5.1. people over-harvest for oil and other fossil fuel

5.1.1. as more trees are cut there are are more oil is harvisted less trees will be able to produce fresh air

5.2. people also over-harvest for basic things like wood and furniture.

5.2.1. over-harvesting will lead to destruction of habitats species will die due to habitat loss

6. pollution

6.1. pollution can be done by simple actions but can have huge consicuinses

6.1.1. people are careless about polluting the sea with sea life dying most islands will have to find new food sources

6.1.2. lots of animals die because of sea pollution

7. green house effect

7.1. green house gasses

7.1.1. there are diffrent gasses that make up green house gasses most of these gasses have very high consintration like methane, and nitrous oxide these gasses really damage the atmosphere making it hotter

7.2. humans are increasing the affect exponentially

7.2.1. we are increasing concentrations of it we put tons of gasses in the atmosphere every day cars, and factorys contribute to green house gasses every day

8. Kiribati

8.1. Kiribati is one of the many islands overtaken by climate change

8.1.1. Kiribati is being flooded by high water levels Kiribati is cutting down trees to stop water levels

8.1.2. Kiribatis waters are being polluted by garbage fish are the main source of food for Kiribati and so fish are dying because of pollution Kiribati dose not have orchards because they need wood to stop the water level

9. extinction will be caused by habitat loss because of no trees


11. this will result in the death of those species

12. most species will die because of the fluctuation in temperature