Obesity- Is it time for legislation in Australia?

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Obesity- Is it time for legislation in Australia? by Mind Map: Obesity- Is it time for legislation in Australia?

1. Causes

1.1. Unhealthy lifestyle

1.1.1. Dietary habits and physical inactivity

1.2. Environmental influences to unhealthy food

1.2.1. Cheaper unhealthy food, conveninet and accessible

1.3. Genetic

1.3.1. DNA from parents

1.4. Socio economic status

1.4.1. Low income family cannot affod the expensive healthier food options

1.5. Advertisement

1.5.1. through TV programmes and social media

2. Effects

2.1. Individual's health

2.1.1. Type 2 diabetes

2.1.2. Heart disease

2.1.3. Stroke

2.1.4. Cancers

2.2. National

2.2.1. Financial burden

3. Roles of government

3.1. Current obesity legislation

3.1.1. Funding social marketing campaign for healthier lifestyle

3.1.2. Disclosure of nutritional information of food products

3.1.3. Incentives and disincentives- tax and subsidies

3.1.4. Ensuring healthier food in particular settings - shool, office

3.2. Issue with obesity legislation

3.2.1. Political and social resistance - intervene personal food choices

3.2.2. Resistance from food company- individual right constrained

3.2.3. Failure of individual to exercise personal responsibility

4. Proposed solution of obesity legislation

4.1. Sugar tax

4.2. Contolled advertisement

4.3. Promote intake of healthhy food