The English eccentric

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The English eccentric by Mind Map: The English eccentric

1. clothing

1.1. cartoon about punk

1.2. History of the punk music in UK

1.2.1. Part1

1.2.2. Part2

1.3. English Dandy nowadays

1.4. And "the best example of English sartorial eccentricity" is ...

2. Race

2.1. Championship to Sheep Racing

2.2. Swamp Soccer world cup

2.3. Wife Carrying Races

3. Traditional Food

3.1. breakfast

3.2. Lunch

3.3. Diner

4. Law and Life

4.1. The 10th most ridiculous British laws

4.2. crazy creation

4.3. Unusual traditions month by month

5. Literature

5.1. Comedy

5.2. Literature