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Saskatchewan by Mind Map: Saskatchewan

1. Inclusionary Philosophy and Beliefs

1.1. focuses on strengths, needs and interests of students

1.2. emphasizes supports and eliminations of barriers

1.3. promotes independence and interdependence through personal empowerment and self determination

1.4. believes that student is active participant within community and society

1.5. believes that individuals are valued members of diverse society

1.6. promotes attitude of respect, appreciation and acceptance of diversity

2. Student support services

2.1. IIP (Inclusive Intervention Plan)

2.1.1. interventions

2.1.2. strategies

2.1.3. student outcomes

2.1.4. supports

2.2. Intensive Supports

2.2.1. student support teachers

2.2.2. community based services

2.2.3. assistive technologies

3. Needs-Based Delivery Service Model

3.1. implementation of inclusionary philosophy

3.1.1. differentiated instruction

3.1.2. parent/guardian engagement

3.1.3. fostering independence

3.1.4. assistive technology

3.2. planning for instruction, interventions, and supports

3.2.1. referral process

3.2.2. inclusion and intervention processes

3.2.3. transition planning

3.2.4. service coordination

3.3. interprofessional collaboration

3.3.1. qualified staffing

3.3.2. inservice training

3.3.3. school team collaboration

3.3.4. engagement of relevant agencies

4. Student First Approach

4.1. "I am ready to learn."

4.2. "I am valued."

4.3. "I belong."

4.4. "I am successful."

4.5. "I am preparing for my future."