Teaching Strategies and Students Characteristics

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Teaching Strategies and Students Characteristics by Mind Map: Teaching Strategies and Students Characteristics

1. There is some acknowledgement that attention should be paid to students personality needs and to particular aspects of students different cultural backgrounds.

2. Personality Characteristics

2.1. To some extent there is recognition among educators that personality characteristics such as self- reliance, attitudes, anxiety, independence,emotional stability have differential effects on students learning achievements.

3. and preferences affect the way students approach any task and the way they function under different conditions and different learning environments

4. Ability levels and patterns of different abilities

5. Learning styles

6. Presently, the practice in some schools is to adapt teaching to different ability levels by forming classes or groups of students of similar levels ( usually based on achievement tests or psychological tests) taught by teachers who tend to treat the students as if they were in homogeneous groups.

7. Many possibilities exist that are not often implemented even thought they could make the teaching and learning process more effective and more beneficial by providing a variety of experiences and alternative strategies for adaptation to students' characteristics

8. The current preparation of teachers for specific age levels, specific subject matter, specific academic skills,etc.., does not take into consideration suffiently the complexity of factors such as students´ various characteristics

9. Among the most difficult problems faced by the education system are those associated with teaching effectiveness.