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1. The mouse is used to give commands, make selections, and move objects on a computer screen. It is used by moving it around on the desktop and clicking its buttons. The mouse may freeze up at times or the ball may come out.

2. Keyboards are laid out much like the keys on a typewriter except the there are several additional keys on a keyboard that are not found on a type writer. The keyboard is one of the most used input devices. Keyboards are very important and some schools required students to take some type of keyboarding class before graduating. Keyboards are one of the primary tools for entering data.

3. Input devices includes any computer peripheral that you might use to enter data into the computer. Some examples of input devices are mouse,keyboard, scanner, digital camera, and touch screen devices.

4. The computer monitor is an electronic device that shows pictures and is usually used to see programs on a computer. There are two main types of monitors the CRT and the LCD.If monitors are not used correctly the picture can go out.

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5. Printers are used to turn soft copy into hard copy. Printers there is are use often in the classroom. Without printers there is no way teachers can print out work for students. The one in counter that I come across often with printers is paper jams.

6. Out put devices are the pieces of hardware that move information(data that have been processed) out the computer. Some examples of output devices are printers, ebooks, monitors, headphones, speakers, and floppy disk.