Team Effectiveness

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Team Effectiveness by Mind Map: Team Effectiveness

1. Organizational and Team Environment

1.1. Rewards

1.2. Communication

1.3. Organizational Leadership

1.4. Physical Space

1.5. Organizational Structure

1.5.1. Outcomes Increase interaction Increase interdependence Reduce interaction with other outside teams

2. Team Processes

2.1. Team Development

2.1.1. Stages Forming Learn about each other evaluate the benefits and costs of continued membership Storming interpersonal conflict establish norms of appropriate behavior and performance of standard Norming Develop real sense of cohesion Performing learned to efficiently coordinate and resolve conflict Adjourning Disband

2.1.2. Process Team Identity Becomes familiar with teams making part of employee's social identity Shaping to better further prototype of an ideal team Team Competencies Developing habitual routines with teammates Forming shared or complementary mental models

2.2. Team Norms

2.2.1. Norms Develop Through: Initial team experience Critical event's in team's history Experience and Values

2.3. Team Cohesion

2.3.1. Influences Member similarity Team size Member interaction Difficult Entry Team success External competition or challenge

2.4. Team Trust

2.4.1. Types of teams Self-directed Teams Autonomy over task decisions Virtual Teams Teams have degree of virtuality Team Decision Making Constraints on Team Decision Making Team Structure

2.4.2. Level of Trust Calculus-Based Based on deterrence Knowledge-Based Based on predictability and competence Identification-Based Based on common mental models and values

3. Accomplish Tasks

4. Satisfy Member Needs

5. Maintain Team Survival

6. Team Design

6.1. Task Characteristics

6.1.1. Complex Works

6.1.2. Well Structured Tasks

6.1.3. Task Independence Pooled interdependence Sequential Interdependence Reciprocal Interdependence

6.2. Team Size

6.3. Team Composition

6.3.1. The 5c's Characteristics

6.3.2. Team Diversity Dimensions Different background tend to see problems or opportunities in different angle. Broader pool of technical competencies Provide better representation of the team constituents.

7. New Topic