Technology in the classroom

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Technology in the classroom by Mind Map: Technology in the classroom

1. Laptops

1.1. Can be used for homework

1.2. kahoots

1.3. Classroom games

1.4. Abolish the need for textbooks

2. Mobile learning

2.1. New apps uploaded everyday

2.2. Take learning anywhere

2.3. educators can maintain a classroom connection anywhere

2.4. Most children understand how to use them

3. 3D printing

3.1. design 3d models

3.2. talk about a theoretical concept with a model for a visual instead of something in a textbook

3.3. Children learn at own pace

3.4. Some children learn faster through visual concepts

4. Smart Board

4.1. Display images for all to see

4.2. Draw, write, and manipulate

4.3. illustrate points better

4.4. Can be switched on and off easily or change to a different subject faster