Should Gypsy Rose Blancharde Really Be In Jail???

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Should Gypsy Rose Blancharde Really Be In Jail??? by Mind Map: Should Gypsy Rose Blancharde Really Be In Jail???

1. Background Facts

1.1. Missouri

1.2. Hurricane Katrina Survivors

1.2.1. Lost everything lost all documentation of birth records

1.3. Red cross had built them a house to live in

1.4. Accepted donations from multiple charities to support their needs

1.5. Believed to be local celebrities

1.6. Disability payments

1.7. Parents split up when Gypsy was very young

2. Illnesses

2.1. Leukemia

2.2. "Dealyed"

2.2.1. Mental capacity of a 7 year old

2.3. Wheel Chair bound

2.4. Had limited years to live

2.4.1. Would not live past 25

2.5. Muscular Distrophy

2.6. Epilepsy

2.7. Vision and Hearing impaired

2.8. Heart Murmer

2.9. Feeding tube

2.10. Started off with sleep apnea at the age of 3 months old

2.11. Anemia

2.11.1. Tired often

2.12. Respiratory issues

2.12.1. Became sick often

3. Opposing Arguments

3.1. Premeditated Murder in the First Degree

3.2. She knew what she was doing

3.3. Supposedley asked her boyfriend

3.4. Was the mind behind the murder

4. From the perspective of Gypsy

4.1. Freedom

4.2. Escaped her mother's prison

4.2.1. Said she wasn't glad that her mother is dead, but she's glad that she's out of that situation

4.3. Often felt alone and isolated

4.4. Believed that talking to men made her feel more content with herself

4.4.1. Hoped someday that her prince would rescue her

4.5. Practically tortured

4.6. Was told not to speak at Drs. Appointments

4.7. Never went to school

4.7.1. Was completely isolated from society and normal interaction

4.8. It was like everyone had failed her

4.9. Her mother made it so she was not allowed to tell her father

4.9.1. Led to a crumbling relationship with him Was told that her father was an awful man who didn't love her

5. Looking at Dee Dee Blancharde

5.1. Munchhausen by proxy

5.2. Protective of Gypsy

5.2.1. No friends Claimed that friends were too dangerous because if they were to find out, they would tell local authorities

5.2.2. ABSOLUTELY NO BOYS Dee Dee would often get very jealous of others who would talk to Gypsy

5.3. Easily persuasive

5.4. Changed doctors often

5.4.1. When Drs. disagreed with HER diagnosis, she would change Gypsy's primary care

5.5. Put Gypsy on medication that would mimic the symptoms of the diseases she was trying to protect her from

5.5.1. The medicine closet!

5.6. Supposedly committed petty thefts when she had not gotten her way

5.7. Some people believe that she was the one who killed her mother

5.7.1. Killed her by not feeding her and not giving her proper medications before death

5.8. Her good ol' Southern charm

6. The night of the death

6.1. Gypsy gave the knife to her boyfriend as well as the duck tape

6.2. Let her boyfriend inside

6.3. Her boyfriend believed he was a 500 year old vampire named Victor

6.3.1. His alter ego was the one who committed the crime

6.4. Nick Godejohn had stabbed Dee Dee multiple times in the back

6.5. Dee Dee repeatedly screamed for Gypys

6.6. Gypsy had hidden in the bathroom

6.6.1. Said multiple times that she actually wanted to help her mother Was scared that Nick would kill her

6.7. When Dee died, Gypsy and Nick had sex in the next room

6.8. Dee Dee was not found until 4 days later

6.9. Gypsy was sentenced to 10 years

6.9.1. Her father and step mother started a petition to shorten her sentence

6.10. Nick Godejohn was sentenced to life in prison without bail