xactlycorp.com 3.0

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xactlycorp.com 3.0 by Mind Map: xactlycorp.com 3.0

1. Solutions

1.1. Solutions Overview

1.2. Product Packages

1.3. Incent

1.3.1. Modules Analytics eDocs & Approvals Modeling Sandbox Territories Views

1.3.2. Overview Modules Overview & Comparison Product Overview Demo w/Form Deep-Dive Demo

1.3.3. For Sales

1.3.4. For Finance

1.3.5. Delta

1.4. Express

1.4.1. Overview Product Overview Demo w/Form Deep-Dive Demo

1.4.2. For Sales

1.4.3. For Finance

1.4.4. Express for iPad

2. Enterprise

2.1. Blog

2.1.1. Business

2.1.2. Enterprise

2.2. Best Practices

2.2.1. Free Reports/eBooks/Guides/whitepaers Guides Manifesto: How Incenting Right Can Change You Business Icenting By Job Incenting By Employee Incenting Calendar Books Complete Guides: All In One Place "Compensation for Dummies" CC's Book White Papers Sales Vs. Finance (End The Conflict) Get More From CRM With Better Adoption Reduce Errors Through Improving Inputs: 5 Tips How the Cloud Can Improve Your Company Aligning Finance and Sales: Best Practices for Sales Compensation Management Driving Business Results through Better Sales Compensation Management by AMI-Partners Sarbanes-Oxley and Incentive Compensation Management Xactly Modeling: Let Data Drive Your Sales Compensation Planning and Expense Forecasting Xactly Security: World-Class Security Infrastructure "Spreadsheets and Sarbanes Oxley: Regulations, Risks, and Control Frameworks" by Dr. Raymond R. Panko Analyst Reports

2.2.2. Sales Performance Dictionary Thinking Commissions (SEO-focused) What is Incentive Compensation What is Sales Performance Management What is Commission Tracking What is Sales Compensation What is Commission Software What is Compensation Management Index of Terms

2.2.3. Videos Enterprise Customer Best Practices (CompCloud) Expert Tips (Webinar replays)

2.3. Tools

2.3.1. ROI Calculator

2.4. HTML Sitemap

3. Customers

3.1. Customer List

3.1.1. A-Z

3.1.2. Business Services

3.1.3. Communications

3.1.4. Financial Services

3.1.5. Life Sciences

3.1.6. Media & Entertainment

3.1.7. Manufacturing & Distribution

3.1.8. SaaS

3.1.9. Software & Technology

3.2. Success Stories

3.2.1. Case Studies

3.2.2. Video Testimonials

4. Company

4.1. About Xactly

4.1.1. Our Company: History, CARE, XactlyOne

4.1.2. Board of Directors

4.1.3. Management Team

4.2. Success

4.2.1. Customer Support Xactly Products Tips & Tricks

4.2.2. Xactly University University/Classes Overview Class Calendar

4.3. Partners

4.3.1. Partner Program Overview

4.3.2. Current Partners

4.4. Media Room

4.4.1. Media Coverage Business Enterprise

4.4.2. Events

4.4.3. Press Releases Business Enterprise

4.4.4. Awards

4.5. Contact

5. Business

5.1. Growing Companies

5.1.1. Customer Best Practices (CompCloud)

5.1.2. Expert Tips (Webinar replays)

5.2. Tools

5.2.1. ROI Calculator

6. Sales Performance Dictionary

6.1. Thinking Commissions (SEO-focused)

6.1.1. What is Incentive Compensation

6.1.2. What is Sales Performance Management

6.1.3. What is Commission Tracking

6.1.4. What is Sales Compensation

6.1.5. What is Commission Software

6.1.6. What is Compensation Management

6.2. Index of Terms

7. New node