Useful prepositions

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Useful prepositions by Mind Map: Useful prepositions

1. at

1.1. a specific location

1.1.1. Please, meet me at the Domodedovo airport. time (hour+min) Ok, let's meet at 1pm.

2. by

2.1. transport (the way u reach some places)

2.1.1. I got here by train

2.2. location (=close or near)

2.2.1. My house is by pizzeria. U'll easily find it.

2.3. time (when u mean the limit)

2.3.1. I'll finish this mind map by 4 o'clock

3. in

3.1. small sized transport (that belongs to u)

3.1.1. Wait a minute. I'm in the taxi right now.

3.2. location

3.2.1. I was looking for u in ur favourite pub.

3.3. time (a long but certain period)

3.3.1. I'll have my exams in June.

4. on

4.1. large transport

4.1.1. train plane bus

4.2. location

4.2.1. Did she look on the board?

4.3. time (speaking about days and the words with the part "day")

4.3.1. I'm gonna fly to Paris on my holiday!

4.4. to serf/find/look ON the Internet

5. to

5.1. destination

5.1.1. place city or country (I've been to France 4 times already)