Growing Pains v2

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Growing Pains v2 by Mind Map: Growing Pains v2

1. Culture

1.1. New hires

1.1.1. Some people might not be aligned to Zemoga's core values Which are those values?

1.1.2. Their sense of culture is attached to perks Is difficult to "sell" culture without experimenting it, so the only reference is the perks

1.1.3. A big portion of new hires work outside Bogotá Other cities and remote workers don't experience the benefits (both tangible and intangible) of working in the main office Cultural activities are only partially replicated in other cities Is hard to "trickle down" culture in the distance Leadership issues are amplified by the distance

1.2. "Old" team

1.2.1. A sense that the company is now different They don't recognize new people This is more obvious on resources that work outside Bogota Sense of drop in quality ⭐️ New hires that don't meet the "old" requirements ⭐️ Process might be getting sloppy Reevaluation of their future in the company Lack of a clear career path 🧢 Probably not an issue right now, but might become in the future

2. Leadership

2.1. Current Leadership

2.1.1. Lacks time to invest in the team 📗 🧢 Team grows faster than leadership and it gets hard to manage Leadership wears many hats 🧢 Are the leads/managers investing time in tasks that are not their responsibility?

2.1.2. Some teams (like QA) lack the necessary leadership👓 The kind of talent required has been proved difficult to find Zemoga doesn't have the right person right now.

2.2. Leadership Development

2.2.1. Leadership takes time to develop 🧢 Do we have development programs apart of learning leadership skills by experience? The bar is set up high for leadership

2.2.2. It is difficult to hire leaders that are new to the team Some people might feel they deserve the opportunity to lead They might not be fully aligned with the values and it might create more issues

3. New Talent

3.1. Access to Talent

3.1.1. Hyper-Competitive industry

3.1.2. No good partnerships

3.1.3. The need to look for talent in other cities Bogota's is saturated by different companies looking for talent

3.2. Quality of Talent

3.2.1. The goal posts are moved when there's an urgent necessity ⭐️ Who takes the decision of hire an under-qualified person?

3.2.2. Some new talent might require training to reach the requirements or they can be out of sync with some processes ⭐️ Training need to come from somewhere. Leadership doesn't have enough time to teach things 🧢

3.2.3. Do we have a good role definition on all our teams?

4. Sales

4.1. Control of growth

4.1.1. There's no agree on how big do we want to be There's no definition of warning signs that we are becoming too big Is sales always at full steam?

4.2. Reaction to growth

4.2.1. There's no "hiring pipeline" attached to the "sales pipeline"

4.2.2. There's no bench to react to new (or small) projects 📗

5. Process

5.1. 📗 Accuracy on estimations

5.2. ⭐️ Skills gap

5.3. 🧢 Roles and responsibilities (on projects)

5.4. 📈 Project planning