Areas of Opportunity: Merivale

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Areas of Opportunity: Merivale by Mind Map: Areas of Opportunity: Merivale

1. Stakeholders

1.1. Hosts

1.1.1. Guest Engagement

1.2. Runners

1.2.1. Deliver Food/Beverage to table

1.3. Waitstaff

1.3.1. Guest Experience

1.3.2. Take Order Acquire maximum spend possible

1.3.3. Monitor Alcohol Consumption

1.4. Chefs

1.4.1. Deliver quality food

1.5. Guests

1.5.1. Experience

1.5.2. Communication

2. Experience of Staff

2.1. Travel Options

2.1.1. Bus Unreliable Some services discontinue at night

2.1.2. Uber Expensive

2.1.3. Drive No Parking Paid Parking Time-restricted Parking

2.2. Training and development programs

2.2.1. Monthly quizes of the menu

2.2.2. Identified program

2.2.3. Levled system Continuous promotions

3. Experience of Guests

3.1. Families

3.1.1. Kids play area No staff supervision

3.2. Table service

3.2.1. Reduce Stress

3.3. Parking Availibility

3.3.1. Street parking Time Restrictions

3.3.2. Paid Carparks Expensive

3.4. Locations

3.4.1. High populated and High density areas eg. Coogee, Kings Cross, Manly

4. Competiton

4.1. Restaurants/Bar offering similar services in similar locations eg. Pubs/hotels, Fine dining restaurants, Beach Pavilions

4.1.1. Qaulity of food Affordable Prices

4.1.2. Larger variety of Parking/Transport

4.1.3. Training level of staff More Developed