Career Choice

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Career Choice by Mind Map: Career Choice

1. Plan and Initiatives 1) Organize a career selection workshop program. 2) Career Exhibition

2. Financial factor 2 benefits that can be offered by the employee a) Giving a salary that is worth the education qualification b) Give the employee more training 1 way how it can be effective for different generation - Provide continuous training to employee

3. Definition of Career Choice 1) Borchert (2002) - an important decision made by student in order to determining their future plan. 2) N. Pam M.S. (2013) - an important because it determines your success in the next stage of your life.

4. Major Role of HRD professional 1) To gain and polish the abilities and skills of the employees for existing and future job requirement. 2) Collect data about specific job or a group of job.