Internet of Things (IOT)

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Internet of Things (IOT) by Mind Map: Internet of Things (IOT)

1. Industrial IoT

1.1. Technologis

1.1.1. Internet NetWork

1.1.2. Sensor nodes Temperature Measurement Find directions Collect Information

1.1.3. IoT Device Smart Device Sleep Number Smart Bed Roost Smart Battery Smart Home WallyHome Water Leak Detection Stack’s Alba Smart LED Smart Network Network

2. Commercial IoT

2.1. Technologis

2.1.1. Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Electrostatic Actuator Accelerometer Sensor

2.1.2. Microservices Application Service

2.1.3. Wireless Technologis Performance Low High Error Rate Security Broadcast Signals Easy to be interface by then Soures

3. Flow

3.1. Step1

3.1.1. Senser/Actuator Wied Wireless

3.2. Step2

3.2.1. Internet Getway Data Aggregation

3.3. Step3

3.3.1. IT Anlysis

3.4. Step4

3.4.1. Data Center/Cloud Data