KnightOwl3D Scan&Verify

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KnightOwl3D Scan&Verify by Mind Map: KnightOwl3D Scan&Verify

1. Setup

1.1. Parameters

1.1.1. Define Key attributes for Comparasion

1.1.2. Establish Limits

1.1.3. Configure

1.2. Scan Golden Sample

1.2.1. Scan Known Ideal product or Golden Sample

1.2.2. Run Comparasion

1.3. Convert to Real Image

1.3.1. Rotate Imge

1.3.2. Colour & Contrast adjustments

1.3.3. Save to Library

2. Scan Object & Verify

2.1. Scan Object

2.2. Process Point Cloud

2.3. Compare to Golden Sample

2.3.1. Component in situ

2.3.2. Component in correct position

2.3.3. Component in Correct Height

2.3.4. Component at correct angle

3. Results

3.1. Point Cloud image on Screen with Pass/Fail

3.2. Processed Image with colour

3.3. Statistical Data

3.4. Trends