Industry Needs

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Industry Needs by Mind Map: Industry Needs

1. Responsibility

1.1. I could handle my task on time, and I have done my job. I

1.1.1. I will pay attention in class and revises the lesson everyday.

2. Hardworking

2.1. I could improve my hardworking in the school and outside of the school on weekend.

2.1.1. I will improve by doing more works and throw more works into myself. I will do extra from my homework.

3. Decision making

3.1. I could improve this skill by experiencing through more work and difficult situations.

3.1.1. Do more projects.

3.1.2. Participate in more events or works.

4. Dare

4.1. Volunteer workplace

4.1.1. Talk to more people to gain confident.

4.1.2. Making a small goal plan, to feel a success.

5. Calculating fast withing 1-100

5.1. School

5.1.1. I will practice more to be expert

5.1.2. This skill is very useful in daily life.

6. Creative thinking

6.1. School

6.1.1. Do more projects

6.1.2. Take a course about arts