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shakespeare by Mind Map: shakespeare

1. h

2. William shakespeare was born in stratford Britian upon Avon in 1564

3. in 1566 Shakespeare brother is born named gilbert

4. 1571 Shakespeare begins his education at the King’s Free Grammar School

5. 1579 William’s sister Anne dies, 8 years old. and Shakespeare was 15 at the time

6. 1582 Shakespeare marries to a girl named Hathaway

7. 1590 Shakespeare begins his writing carrer

8. 1591 Around this time, Shakespeare writes Henry VI his very first play.

9. 1592 Shakespeare travels to London to perform his plays.

10. 1593 London theaters are closed due to an outbreak of the plague Shakespeare uses this time to write poetry

11. April 1593 he publishes his very first poem Venus and Adonis

12. 1596 William and Anne bury their son, Hamnet who died at 16 for an unknown cause.

13. 1597 Shakespeare returns to Stratford and buys a new wealthy house due to the money from plays.

14. 1613 Shakespeare composes his final play henry VII

15. 1616 shakespeare dies of unknown cause.

16. Connections

16.1. in 1594 queen Elizabeth and William Shakespeare both became patrons of the lord chamberlains men.

16.2. Queen Elizabeth inspired Shakespeare since she was his chief patron by making his women characters as equal as men in his plays and also because queen Elizabeth did help him help him by defending him when puritans were trying to shut it down. some say that if queen Elizabeth I did not help him out then he wouldn't have gotten so famous.

16.3. we know what plays Queen Elizabeth saw because of the scripting mainly involving Queen Elizabeth such as the merry wives of winds."As it hath been divers times Acted by the right Honorable my Lord Chamberlains servants. Both before her Majesties, and else-where." majesties is describing queen elizabeth in his play.

16.4. Shakespeare actually wrote a lot of plays based on Queen Elizabeth's death

16.5. queen elizabeth added multiple theaters because of shakespeare and his inspiring plays.

17. Queen Elizabeth

17.1. 1533 Queen Elizabeth I is born in Greenwich palace.

17.2. 1536 Elizabeths mother is executed at the tower of london.

17.3. 1554 Elizabeth is imprisoned in tower of London for a year

17.4. 1558 queen Mary I dies which was queen Elizabeth's half sister and Elizabeth became the queen.

17.5. 1571 - Ridolfi Plot to assassinate Elizabeth

17.6. 1585 Queen Elizabeth I takes the Netherlands under her protection since the Netherlands wanted independence from Spain and begins the war against Spain.

17.7. 1588 defeat of the Spanish armada

17.8. 1603 Death of Queen Elizabeth I and accession of King James I