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Career Sherpa by Mind Map: Career Sherpa

1. Inputs

1.1. High quality school guidance counselors looking for remote flexibility

1.2. Strong partnerships with on-site guidance counselors

1.3. Easy to use technology platform to connect students to specialist guidance counselors

1.4. Relationships with post-secondary educational institutions

2. Outputs

2.1. # of students who used Career Sherpa

2.2. # and % of participants that enroll in higher education

2.3. # of post-secondary schools Career Sherpa alumni attend

2.4. Improved efficiency/reach for in-school counselors

3. Outcomes

3.1. Better graduation outcomes for public schools

3.2. More empowered and effective in-school counselors

3.3. More lucrative job prospects for Career Sherpa alumni who went on to college or trade school

3.4. Hypothesis: Proper "aspiration - education" alignment for students leading to higher post-secondary education completion rates

4. Impact

4.1. Promising students from socially deprived regions of the United States experience similar post-secondary educational opportunities to those in resource-rich areas, and higher education institutions seeking a more diverse student body will be able to more easily and effectively identify and target prospective students from low-income school districts.