ARDIC'S PR & Action programs

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ARDIC'S PR & Action programs by Mind Map: ARDIC'S PR & Action programs

1. Accept the concept of a gated community lifestyle

1.1. Tours around ARDIC's compounds in Menya and Cairo

1.2. Hosting events and entertainment inside ARDIC's Menya compound

1.3. Private event

1.4. Advertising

2. CSR

2.1. Reconstruction of old buildings

2.2. Reconstruction of Menya's general hospital

3. Performing social duties

3.1. Telegram

3.2. Bab Touma cafe

3.3. Summer camps and workshops

3.4. ARDIC's real estate application

3.5. Contributing in social events

4. Contributing to modernizing Menya

4.1. Tv interviews

4.2. Grasp the earned media & get them to write positively

4.3. Press releases