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Transformation? by Mind Map: Transformation?

1. System of Transformation

1.1. Tools & Co.

1.1.1. Transition Backlog

1.1.2. Lean A3

1.1.3. Backlogs

1.1.4. Agile Metrics Internal indicators External indicators

1.2. Who?

1.2.1. Transformation Team Skills Roles Transformation Lead Coaches People accross the Company "Hiring"

1.3. Why?

1.3.1. Business Drivers vs. Reasons Predictability Time2Market Quality Early ROI Cost Savings Innovation Product Fit (Build the right thing) Everyone adopts Agile! Wertschöpfung (Wirtschaft(? (Economical creation of value) Dynamic robust

1.3.2. Transformation Hypothesis Initially written by Top Management Top Management Support! Agile Organization - Learning Organization Lean A3 Analysis

1.4. What?

1.4.1. Backlogs ("Governance") Product Vision Business Model Ordered by Value Well refined

1.4.2. Teams (Cross-Functional) Kick-Start-a-Team Self-Selection Workshop Get to know each other Teach Scrum (and other Agile Stuff) Team Vision Team Contract Team Name Set expectation Envolved Management Tuckman Forming Storming Norming Performing

1.4.3. Working tested Product Increment Ready to be released

1.5. How?

1.5.1. Change Models (metal models) @LeadingAgile Basecamps @OpenSpaceBeta Betacodex @OpenSpaceAgility keine kritische Masse -> Ausstieg Basics Transparency Inspection Adaptaion PDCA Cycle Starting 1. Where are we? Standortbestimmung! 2. Vision? What do we want to achive? 3. Ausbildung 4. Iteratives Vorgehen

2. System of Delivery

2.1. Flight Levels 3 - 1

2.2. SAFe

2.3. Scrum

2.4. LeSS

2.5. Kanban

2.6. [email protected]

2.7. Nexus

3. Hiring Process

3.1. Real Situations

3.2. Team is involved

3.3. Provide Feedback

3.4. Queue model