Revolve Branding

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Revolve Branding by Mind Map: Revolve Branding

1. Inspiration

1.1. Techno Music

1.2. Bold Color Scheme

1.3. Rave Culture and characteristics

2. Define

2.1. This project is about branding a new underground club, that will only play Techno music. And it will be the first of its kind.

3. Why?

3.1. Tell people about a new club

3.2. Create brand loyalty

3.3. Maintaining Brand identity

3.4. Enhancing reputation

3.5. Attract Customers

3.6. Spreading New Cultures

3.7. Promoting new business

3.8. Uniting people under the same roof

4. Target Audience

4.1. Mostly millennials, ages between 21-37

5. Goals and Aims

5.1. Creating a full brand identity

5.2. Creative approaches

5.3. Enhancing Marketing Stratigies

5.4. Spread of new culture

5.5. Increasing online content

5.6. Adding personality

6. Visiual Branding:

6.1. Logo

6.1.1. Related to the brand's name

6.2. Colors

6.2.1. Inspired by Techno theme

6.3. Typeface design

6.4. Offline Branding

6.4.1. Stationary Bussines Cards Letterhead Envelopes Notebool

6.4.2. For the place Menu Wristbands Unifroms Invitations Lighters Badges

6.5. Online Branding

6.5.1. Advertising Campaign Poster designs Flyers design Video (Teaser)

6.5.2. Social Media platforms Facebook Instagram