How does my leadership affect my students and colleagues?

How does my leadership affect the people that I work with?

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How does my leadership affect my students and colleagues? by Mind Map: How does my leadership affect my students and colleagues?

1. I affect the way they think

1.1. I affect the way that my colleagues think

1.1.1. I came out as queer to my students at work. This is a practice that I have done since I began teaching. I think it is important for my students to see diversity in leadership. I also want to create empathy in the classroom and representation of the LGBT+ community. This affected my colleagues and the way that they think and the way that they approach their own queerness in the workplace. Since I am open about who I am, I have now seen this more and more with my colleagues. They are more open and many have "come out" to their students because of this.

1.2. I affect the way that my students think

1.2.1. I see my influence on my students every day. I try to emphasise the importance of having a Growth Mindset. I especially try to give students facts about my own growth, especially in Math. I struggled with math as a kid and I think it is important for students to see that I am like some of them and that we can all grow and conquer our fears and weaknesses.

2. I affect the way they work/approach a task

2.1. I affect the way students work and approach a task

2.1.1. I like to give my students choice when they are given a task. I like to give them options on how to do that task. I also like project-based learning that they can relate to. I try to design my projects according to real-world goals and learning. For example, if I give my students options on how they will present a project or do a project they are more likely to be engaged in that work and interested in the project. I also like to give them a technology option - I find that this really can engage them in my class! I am excited about the work we are doing and the learning we are generating and I can see that my excitement is contagious! We have a really nice work culture.

3. How does my natural style affect their style?

3.1. I affect my student's style

3.1.1. I have a laid-back approach to learning, I am calm and collected. I like to share with my students aspects about my personal life so that they can get to know me. My students easily open up to me and share about their lives and interests. We have a calm, respectful and welcoming learning environment. We take responsibility for that environment together. I feel that I model the attitudes that I am looking for in that environment and my students respond well to that.

3.2. I affect my colleague's style

3.2.1. I am an influence to some of my colleagues. In particular, newer colleagues will talk to me and come for me for ideas and suggestions in their teaching. I often give them lesson plan ideas or advice on how to deal with certain situations. I think I promote a very relaxed vibe at my school because I am relaxed towards my teaching and I try to emphasise self-care and personal well-being with my colleagues. I can influence them that way.

4. What are my leadership strengths?

4.1. Open and Honest

4.2. Relateable

4.3. Caring and Kind

4.4. Empathetic

4.5. Realistic

4.6. I like to set attainable goals

4.7. Give feedback: constructive and positive

4.8. I can see the strengths in others

4.9. I can see hidden potentials and point them out to others

4.10. Good at problem-solving