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Take-over by Mind Map: Take-over

1. Adventages

1.1. Increase market share

1.2. Acquire new skills

1.3. Access economies of scale

1.4. Spead risks by diverifying

1.5. Overcome barriers to entry to target markets

1.6. Defend itself against a takeover threat

1.7. Enter new segments of an existing market

1.8. Eliminate competition

2. Drawbacks

2.1. High cost involved

2.2. Problems of valuation

2.3. Upset customers and suppliers

2.4. Problems of integration

2.5. Incompatibility of management, styles, culture and structures

2.6. Questionable motives

3. Def

3.1. An act of assuming control of something, especially the buying out of one company by another.

4. Caracteristics

4.1. Define goals, transparency, communication, qualified transition team, experienced legal representation

5. Sensible issues

5.1. xprice too high

5.2. Lack of decisive change management

5.3. Takeover mishandled

5.4. Cultural incompatibility between two businesses

5.5. Poor communication

5.6. Particularity with management, employees and other stakeholders

5.7. Loss of key personnal and customers post acquisition

5.8. Competitors take the opportunity to gain market

6. Exemples

6.1. Brands, patents, trade marks