Educational Makerspaces Map (EMM v 2.0)

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Educational Makerspaces Map (EMM v 2.0) by Mind Map: Educational Makerspaces Map (EMM v 2.0)

1. Achieve Deep Learning and Improve Academic Performance

2. Design and Integrate maker curricular

3. Design effective Makerspace environments

4. Develop and improve the 4C skills

4.1. Creativity

4.2. Communication

4.3. Collaboration

4.4. Critical / Computational Thinking

5. Develop Social Responsiveness & Cultural Respect

6. Develop the Makerspaces’ Educators professional skills

7. Engage Minorities with STEM and improves Digital LIteracy Skills

7.1. Females

7.2. Early Ages

7.3. Adults

7.4. People in Needs

8. Engage people with STEM Education through Makerspaces

9. Enhance Innovation, Entrepreneurship skills & Professional behaviour

10. Give motives and opportunities for Learning

11. Leverage Self Efficiency & Human Wellbeing